Meet Our Staff

Chatham County, NC Sheriff's Office Animal Resource Unit

Meet the dedicated, passionate, hard-working staff helping support the animals and people of Chatham County, NC!

Karen Rogers Animal Resources Director

Karen Rogers started her career in animal welfare services 18 years ago as an Animal Control Officer with Lee County Animal Control in Sanford, NC. In 2007, she became one of only two Animal Control Officers with the Holly Springs Police Department. In 2012, Karen became the Supervisor of Wake County Animal Control where she served for eight years. During her time there, she took part in developing the Hoarding Task Force. This task force was created to, not only, take care of the animals involved in hoarding and large-scale hoarding cases, but to also lessen the impact on crowded shelters and rescues, provide assistance to people involved, and to prevent recidivism. Wake County received a NACo award for the development of the Hoarding Task Force. Karen is currently employed with the Chatham County Sheriff's Office, serving as the Director of the Animal Resource Unit. Karen completed National Animal Cruelty Investigator training through the Missouri Law Enforcement Institute and has completed training with the National Animal Control Association. Karen is currently a Board Member of the North Carolina Animal Rabies Control Association (NCARCA), has been an instructor of "Safe Animal Handling" with the North Carolina Animal Federation (NCAF) for three years, and has recently been asked to join the Professional Development Committee with NCAF. She has a passion for improving animal welfare across North Carolina through training and continuing education, and making sure that every animal is given a chance to find their Forever Home.

Brandon Jones Animal Resources Lieutenant

Brandon Jones began his career working for the Chatham County Sheriff's Office, serving in many different departments over the course of 21 years. Brandon's career evolved as he became a K-9 Handler for a Narcotics Detection Dog - a big, goofy yellow Labrador Retriever named Gunner. Brandon was asked to join the newly added Animal Resource Center in 2021 to serve as the acting Lieutenant over the Animal Resource Officers. Brandon has a soft spot for cats, having many of his own, and loves to play pranks and tell dad jokes to the staff.

Kristen Gordon Shelter Manager

Kristen Gordon began her employment with the Animal Resource Center in late 2019 as a shelter attendant. Through passion, hard-work, and dedication, she helped the ARC thrive and eventually became the new shelter manager, where she has continued to lead her team to success. Kristen coordinates rescue transports, spay neuter clinics, and off-site events on top of her management duties. She is a dog mom to four cattle dogs, Wrangler, Walker, Whiskey, and J.W., and 2 horses, Radar and Little Man. She started her animal care journey riding horses with her grandpa at the age of three and raising dogs with her father at five years old. She enjoys many outdoor hobbies and spends all her time with animals.

Emi Briggs Animal Resource Officer

Emi Briggs has been an avid animal lover since she was old enough to walk. At the age of seven, she started working with horses and learning to properly ride and care for them. This sparked her passion and lead her to be a part of many animal and agriculture organizations including 4-H, Pony Club, and FFA. During her high school and college careers, she owned a pet care business which involved, feeding, watering, training, and caring for small, large, and even exotic animals. She has two loving animals of her own, a horse named Sammy and a deaf Pit Bull named Ghostie who she taught sign language. She is a native of North Carolina and has an innate passion for animal care and welfare. She looks forward to serving the community of Chatham County, animals and people alike.

Carolyn Smith Shelter Attendant

Carolyn Smith began her animal welfare journey working in a kennel for a Veterinary practice during college while studying information technology. Shortly after graduating from college, she realized the animal field was her calling and joined Chatham Sheriff's Animal Resource Center as a shelter attendant. When she joined, the staff was very small and so was the building. She became a part of a dedicated team of individuals who wanted to improve the conditions of Chatham County's animals and helped make the Animal Resource Center what it is today. In addition to shelter duties, Carolyn also runs the website, social media pages, and interims as a Volunteer Coordinator. Carolyn has two dogs named Winry and Heero, and four cats named Cat, Boo, T.C., and Tobi.

Lisa Mason Shelter Attendant

Lisa Mason is a loving wife, mother, and grandmother, who allowed her care to lead her to her new career with animal welfare. Her compassion is endless and she has helped many shy, fearful dogs and cats find the strength to trust people again. Lisa is a Chatham County local, and she and her husband have a small farm where they care for horses, chickens, and a sweet dog named Josey.

Patricia Kerr Shelter Attendant

Patricia Kerr moved to a small town in Chatham County called Bear Creek approximately 27 years ago, where she raised four children on 12 acres of beautiful land. Trish has always been an animal lover, and currently cares for four dogs, two cats, and three chickens at home. She considers herself to be a stress-free and full of energy, allowing her to be a powerhouse at the ARC. She is constantly caring for pets in every way she can and thoroughly enjoys her work with the various animals in our care. She is always enthusiastic, helpful, and is a great team player, learning all she can to better the lives of Chatham County pets. Trish sends a big thank you to Major Maynor for giving her the opportunity to shine in her new job and looks forward to the years ahead.

Sabrina Jamerson Shelter Attendant

Sabrina Jamerson, originally from Heilbronn Germany, is a mom of three dogs and has been passionate about animals since early childhood. Sabrina had a fearful experience with dogs during her childhood, but she slowly overcame her fear. Today she rescues dogs, grooms them, loves them with thousands of hugs and kisses, and finds forever homes for them. Her personal thoughts are that knowledge can be taught and experience can be gained, but passion gives the extra strength to gain knowledge and valuable experience, no matter the circumstance. Her passion gives her a reason to keep learning and to work toward being a blessing to the once unwanted. She strongly believes all animals deserve care, compassion, and endless love.

AJ Stupsky Shelter Attendant

AJ Stupsky began his work with Chatham County as a volunteer for the Chatham County Historic Association, in which he dedicated his time and efforts for four and a half years. AJ has always had a passion for animals, which became more present after his family rescued their first dog when he was six years old. Their dog, Libra, was the runt of the litter and required bottle-feeding and around-the-clock care, and was estimated by their Veterinarian to only live to the age of four. Now 15, Libra is living a happy life with AJ's two other dogs, Coco and Carrie. AJ's passion only grew as he realized he could make a difference in the lives of people and pets, leading him to start his career with shelter animals.