Lost & Found

Chatham Sheriff's Animal Resource Center is dedicated to assisting residents in finding their lost pets. All pets that arrive at the Animal Resource Center without a known owner are considered "stray" and are held at the facility for at least 5 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) to ensure residents are given an opportunity to find their pet.

Lost My Pet

If you are missing your pet, please select the link below to check stray animals in our care.


If you believe your pet is in our care, please call 919-542-7203 to speak with a staff member about your pet. If your pet was not in our database, please fill out a lost pet report using the link below. Your report will be listed in 24PetConnect's public database, which services North Carolina residents as well as other states.


Some residents may choose to keep found pets at their home while they search for an owner, rather than bringing them into the Animal Resource Center. Additionally, be sure to check with other animal services, such as county shelters, veterinary offices, or rescue facilities. Please visit the link below to search all Found pets within the 24PetConnect database. Select "Find a Pet I Have Lost" from the menu and enter the zip code nearest the last location you saw your pet. Please keep in mind, some of these found reports may have been completed by a member of the public.


Found a Pet

If you have found a pet, you are legally obligated to report the pet lost to the county animal shelter. Call 919-542-7203 to speak with a staff member about reporting a found pet. Additionally, click the link below to report the animal found to 24PetConnect's public database. After the pet has been reported, the animal must be "held" for 5 days. After the 5 day period, you may rehome or keep the animal.


To check 24PetConnect's public database of lost animal reports, please click the link below, select "Find the Owners of a Pet I Have Found" from the menu, and enter the zip code of the area in which the pet was found.


If you are having difficulty filling out a lost or found report, or need assistance, please call 919-542-7203 to speak with a staff member.