Chatham Sheriff's Office Animal Resource Center and it's staff are dedicated to assisting the residents of Chatham County through numerous services provided, such as:

  • Dog and cat bite management.

  • Wildlife rabies incident investigation and follow-through.

  • Free pickup of stray and homeless dogs and cats.

  • Quarterly low-cost rabies vaccination clinics.

  • Protection against “dangerous” and “vicious” dogs, based on reports.

  • Animal nuisance investigation and reduction.

  • Investigation and remediation of neglect and abuse.

  • Humane sheltering of homeless and other dogs and cats.

  • Animal adoption and rescue programs, including partnerships with community rescue and adoption groups.

  • Humane euthanasia when necessary.

  • Veterinary care for shelter animals through contracted services.

  • After-hours emergency response.

  • Animal disaster response (natural and man-made disasters).

  • Educational programs for school-aged children and the general public on animal care, the need for spaying and neutering, and related topics.

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