Animal Complaints & Concerns

Our Animal Resource Officers are available to help with emergency and non-emergency animal concerns or complaints from 8am to 8pm Monday through Sunday. If you are in need of assistance during these times, please call (919) 542-2911. If you are experiencing an after-hours emergency, we are available to assist. Please call 9-1-1 for all after-hours emergencies.

Animal Resource Officers:

  • Provide comprehensive and humane animal resources to everyone in Chatham County, using ‘best practices'.

  • Protect the public against rabies and other animal-related diseases, dangerous and vicious dogs, and damage and loss caused by dogs and cats.

  • Protect animals from neglect and abuse.

  • Provide emergency and disaster response for animals.

  • Dog and cat bite management.

  • Wildlife rabies incident investigation and follow-through.

  • Protection against “dangerous” and “vicious” dogs, based on reports.

  • Animal nuisance investigation and reduction.

  • Investigation and remediation of neglect and abuse.

  • Humane euthanasia when necessary.

  • After-hours emergency response.

  • Animal disaster response (natural and man-made disasters).